Convergence Events, Inc. Complementary Memberships Policy

Every member of our community contributes to the success of Convergence Events and the projects of it.  By joining us at the CONvergence Convention, members make a monetary contribution to the organization beyond the weekend of the Convention.

There are times where someone may make a distinct contribution to the organization that is not monetary and we make the choice to acknowledge that contribution with a membership.  To make assure all of our members of the value of every member’s contribution, Convergence Events adopts the following requirements before considering granting a complementary membership.  It is understood that each complementary membership is evaluated and the following is a set of minimums, not a guarantee of award.  Further, award in one year does not set an expectation of future awards.

  • Three to One value concept: The value of the item/service/contribution donated to the convention is worth at least three times the cost of the “at the door” price of a membership.
  • The donation is something that we do not have and is something that we need.
  • Media/Press, Unpaid contractors, invited participants, performers, and vendors should all be evaluated on these same criteria.
  • The award is approved by no less than two directors
  • The complementary membership is charged back to the requesting department at the base cost of a membership (ie: the cost of a membership before the “end of year” cutoff). Financial Note: per standard accepted accounting practices of an internal transfer, the income of this membership needs to exactly equal the cost charged to the department and must be tracked in a separate line item from cash-flow income or expenses.

This policy was simplified, clarified, and approved on 4/12/2015.