CONvergence Publications

The Publications department, as a member of the Membership Communications division, provides printed materials for CONvergence, including, but not limited to:

  • Program/Souvenir Guide
  • Pocket Grid

Note: Publications does not handle artwork, flyer, banner or badge creation. Please contact Creative Services.

Annual Deadlines

  • ​March 31: General content deadline. If you don’t have an extension, this is your deadline.
  • May 15: Advertising deadline

Program Guide Submission guidelines:

  • All questions and all content—both original and updates—should be sent to [email protected].
  • Please follow the Branding guide for writing styles, including Capitalization, date and time formats, and voice.
  • Your deadline is your deadline. If you don’t have an extension, it’s March 31st. If you do have an extension, it’s whatever we agreed upon. Content received after your deadline will not be published.

Documents and Forms

General questions can be sent to the department head at [email protected].