Convergence Events 2022 Election Candidates

Note: The deadline to self-nominate is November 15th. The candidates will be listed after that.




Find election results from previous years on the Election Results page.

The following seats will be up for election in future Elections:

Activities, Next Election 2023

Current Director: Ansley Grams
Departments: Book Swap, Connie’s Quantum Sandbox, Exhibits And Special Events, Gaming, Guests of Honor, Invited Participants, Programming, Teen Room

Administration, Next Election 2024

Current Director: Vacant

External Relationships And Communications (ERAC), Next Election 2023

Current Director: Jonathan Palmer
Departments: Artists Alley, Creative Services, Dealers Room, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Marketing, Partner Management, Photography, Publications, Social Media, Webteam

Facilities, Next Election 2025

Current Director: Nadim Khalidi
Departments: Allocations, Arrivals & Departures, Decor, Event Orders, Hotel Relations, Logistics, Transportation

Hospitality, Next Election 2024

Current Director: Luis Beltran
Departments: Accessibility & Inclusion, COF2E2, ConSuite, Fhloston Paradise, First Advisors, Operations, Parenting Room, Parties, Space Lounge, The Grove

Productions, Next Election 2025

Current Director: Amy Mills
Departments: Ceremonies, Cinema Rex, CVG-TV, Harmonic CONvergence, MainStage, MainStage Video, Masquerade, Merchandise, Midwest Sci Fi Short Film Festival, The Tube, Theater Nippon, Video Management, Wordslingers Way

Systems, Next Election 2025

Current Director: Michael Scott Shappe
Departments: Archives, Art Show, IT, Meeting Child Care, Nerf Herders, Registration, Software Development, Volunteers