Creative Services is responsible for the creation of original artwork and graphic design seen throughout CONvergence, including official department posters, and the artwork for CONvergence’s Program Guide and mini-grid. It is also, along with Publications, responsible for maintaining CONvergence’s “brand”, from the official cast of characters like Connie and Professor Max, to the fonts and colors we use in our displays.

If your department needs posters for the convention, you need to submit a request to Creative Services to have it created. If you need specific artwork for other purposes, that, also, should be commissioned through Creative Services.

Like Publications, Creative Services has deadlines set fairly firmly, to ensure our artists (who, remember, are volunteers, just like you!) have plenty of time to get things done.

Annual Deadlines

  • March 15: Custom Artwork Request Deadline
  • April 15: Poster, web art, and other print media with Existing Art

To make Creative Services requests, use this form.

Documents and Forms

General questions can be sent to the department head at [email protected]