Convergence Events holds four insurance policies in an effort to protect our assets and the well being of the corporation and it’s membership

General liability

  • Protects the assets and finances of the corporation
  • One Million dollar limits for liability claims (Minnesota suggested minimum for corporations are $500K)
  • $50K limits for physical assets (Based on the value of physical property maintained)
  • $5K for well being claims (Minnesota suggested minimums are 1K)

Of note:  This covers medical issues happening at our events.  Volunteers and Contracts in Minnesota are expected to maintain personal insurance, but this money would cover deductibles, co-pays, and/or other gaps resulting from incidents happening due to accident at our events.  Incidents resulting from negligent or intentionally caused situations would be general liability fault and covered under those guidelines.

Directors and Officers Dishonesty Bond

  • Protects the finances of the corporation from fiduciary violations of the board, it’s officers, and appointed delegates
  • One Million dollar limit for fiduciary violations (Minnesota Suggested minimums are $250K)


  • Anti-terrorism Policy, comes into effect only when losses happen due to terrorist events – Required by General Liability Policy
  • $500K limits for Terrorist events

Umbrella and Overage

  • Extends the coverage of general liability, D&O, and TIRA in the case of extreme circumstances
  • One Million dollar limit, one to one extension of covered policy

All policies are held under Auto Owners Insurance, and our local agent is Jansen Insurance of Burnsville.