CONvergence Webteam is a team of web content managers who ensure information is published on CONvergence’s websites according to best practices for accessibility, user experience, and SEO.

Webteam manages:
Webteam does not manage (and cannot edit):

Webteam can and does create links to all of those things, but is not in the systems themselves.

Requesting Website Updates

As CONvergence’s public face, the website is how members and the public get updated, accurate information about CONvergence. However, Webteam unfortunately does not possess any method of mind reading to know what updates to make. Departments, committees, and the board of directors all need to tell Webteam what information to put on the website each year.

The best way to send content updates to Webteam is:
  1. Navigate to the page or pages that you need to update
  2. Copy all of the content from the page or pages into a google document
  3. Make your edits and HIGHLIGHT those edits so Webteam can see what the changes are
  4. Make sure the document permissions are “anyone with the link”
  5. If you have photos to add, please include the individual image files separately attached to the email or inside a google drive folder
  6. Compose and send an email with the link to the document (and any photos) to [email protected]

Using Google apps to “share” the document with website@ is not the same thing as sending Webteam an email. Please send Webteam an actual email. (Trust us, we have good process reasons for this!)

Generally, Webteam aims to make web updates within 7 days after recieving a request, but it is completely dependent upon volunteer availability. The sooner you can get Webteam your updates, the better. Don’t wait until the last minute to send an update request if at all possible.

Additional Update Information

  • Webteam may or may not edit your content in order to make it more accessible, per the Department of Health & Human Services writing for the web guide and’s Plain Language guidelines.
  • Webteam may or may not edit your content in order to make it compliant with CONvergence’s branding guide.
  • If you are not a strong writer, that is absolutely fine. You can provide a summary or bullet list of what you need to communicate, and Webteam or Marketing can help.
  • If you are a strong writer, please note that brevity is extremely important when writing for the web.
  • You can and should request multiple website updates for your department throughout the year. As soon as you decide something, put it online so everyone can learn about it and get excited!
  • It’s really important to keep the website up to date. Thousands of people visit the CONvergence website for information before and during the convention. It is what people look at to decide whether they want to come to the convention in the first place. A website with a lot of outdated information on it does not help convince new people to come to the con, and frustrates members who go looking for information about this year’s convention. Plus, the website is the main way that anybody can find out the cool stuff your department is doing!

Joining Webteam

Do you have skills or experience with web content management, writing in plain language, and branding? CONvergence Webteam is always looking for volunteers with these skills to help keep the CONvergence websites updated and user friendly! UX and/or WordPress or other web authoring experience is a huge plus. Email [email protected].