The CONvergence IT department is available to help Convention Committee members resolve technical and network issues during the convention.

To get IT Support, simply submit a CONvergence IT Support Ticket.

When to submit a ticket to CONvergence IT:

  • Your CONvergence-supported printer can’t be connected to/can’t find the network
  • You cannot access the CONvergence network access point to perform CONvergence-related activities (i.e. registration laptop can’t talk to the network to register attendees; webcam can’t live-stream Wordslingers clearly or at all; a vendor can’t get onto the CONvergence network)
  • Your CONvergence-supported workstation isn’t working (i.e., can’t log into your laptop at Registration)

When NOT to submit a ticket to CONvergence IT:

  • An attendee has a problem with their personal phone
  • An attendee wants access to the CONvergence network so Pokemon Go works better during panels
  • A vendor needs help setting up or modifying their personal website
  • Requesting access to, or help to hack, the Gibson ( That just won’t happen)