Convergence Events, Inc. Payment Request Policy

  1. Completion of Payment Request Form.
    1. All payment requests must be submitted with a completed, legible, payment request
      form. Forms must be completed in their entirety or will not be honored.
    2. In the case of an order that has already been placed, all relevant documentation must
      be included. Originals do not need to be submitted. Scans or copies are acceptable.
    3. In the case of an order that needs to be placed, all informational boxes must be
      completed. Alternately, if there is not enough room for all the information needed, a
      separate document may be submitted along with the Payment Request Form.
    4. Unlike a Reimbursement Request, authorization by a second party is not required.
  2. Submission of Payment Requests
    1. Payment Requests may be submitted in person to the Finance Department Head, The
      Finance Department Head’s appointed Representative, or via e-mail.
  3. Budgetary Requirements
    1. Payments will only be honored in amounts up to the assigned budget limit. Amounts
      exceeding budgets will not be paid without Director approval.
  4. Order Delivery
    1. In the case of the Finance Department placing an order for a department, the
      department is responsible for making arrangements for receipt of the delivery.