Director of Hospitality

Luis has volunteered in various capacities in multiple departments since the first year of the convention. he became a sub-head of Consuite gaming for several years and maintained sole responsibility between the two of us to provide games and supervision of the room during CONvergence.

As a Consuite sub-head, Luis’s expertise regarding food safety was leveraged  to ensure that Convergence could provide food in Consuite safely and bring  the department in-line with the Bloomington Health Department regulations. Additionally, he provided guidance to other departments across divisions that required assistance with food code guidelines for the convention.

Eventually, Luis stepped into a leadership role for Consuite due to staffing issues where he remined through last year, at which time he moved into the role of Hospitality Admin, working to provide a rotation of food trucks to help to feed convention guests and getting to know the various Hospitality departments and their staff.

He also served as of the parental advisors for the teen room in it’s inaugural year and for several years after.  Luis ensured that from the outset that the room was designed to meet the needs of it’s target audience and provided guidance and advice for the teens in a manner in which they could relate and appreciate. 

In the year prior to making the move from the Doubletree to the Hyatt, Luis served as a member of the Transition Committee, working to ensure that all divisional departments were able to have a voice in the planned spaces.