Convergence Events, Inc Board of Directors election.
January 18, 2015
With 84 votes cast results are

Administration Division
Liz Hernandez received 61 votes for. Re-elected

Data Transmission Division
Matt Resong received 53 votes for. Elected

Hospitality and Member Experience Division
Ishmael Williams received 84 votes for. Re-elected

Due to procedure “Vote of no confidence”, we will be having a special meeting for the voting members. Date, time and place to be determined.

Vote of no confidence.

If during an election, any board of directors position [(regardless of incumbent or new election) and regardless of number of candidates] one third of the votes cast are a vote of no confidence or a decline to vote it will trigger a board review. The board of directors will hold a meeting for the voting membership within 45 days to address the vote of no confidence for the director in question.

The director in question may be present at the meeting.

After this meeting the board of directors will meet and discuss meeting notes. The board of directors will then create an action plan to address issues as needed.

If it is determined that no action is needed. A statement as such will be issued to the voting membership within 30 days of the voting membership meeting.