Director of Activities

Margaret Eastman is the Director of Activities for CONvergence. This Division oversees Exhibits, Cinema Rex, Theater Nippon, Programming, Connie’s Quantum Sandbox, and Gaming. As Director, Margaret assists with the resolution of any issues these departments encounter, and works with the other Directors to develop the overall direction of the organization.

Margaret has attended every CONvergence, and still has fond memories of the first year “when CVG shared the hotel with the Moose Lodge and the Missouri Synod Lutheran ladies.” She has been serving on the Convention Committee since the second year, starting out as a Subhead of Programming. From there, she moved to Gaming, where she served as a Subhead for several years before becoming one of the Co-Heads.

Growing up on a small family farm near Willmar, Minnesota, Margaret moved to Minneapolis for college and never left. She attended the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where she majored in English and History. For three years, Margaret served as one of the Local Coordinators for Twin Cities Pagan Pride. She was also involved with TCPP for a year in various other capacities, including Volunteer Coordinator, Treasurer, and Publicity. With TCPP, she learned a lot about managing volunteers, pulling together an event with limited resources, and the challenges of working with a community that includes many passionate individuals with equally passionate, and often contrasting opinions. At her day job, she has spent most of her time in various office positions with increasing responsibility. Among many things, she’s learned to be very comfortable with Microsoft Office, e-mail and how to draft professional missives in this medium, as well as prioritizing, keeping track of information, and performing under pressure. Working for the campus security monitor program for 3 ½ years in college also helped her to hone this ability.

Margaret geeks out over various sub-types of gaming, having run Pathfinder as well as Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. At Con of the North, she’s run several systems, including: D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, Victoriana, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG. She also likes to read a lot, and her tastes are varied, but she leans a little more toward fantasy over hard science-fiction. Otherwise, she reads a lot of Tudor history, some historical fiction, and a little bit of everything.

Favorite Quote: “Do everything Master Li tells you, and I will pray for your soul.” — The Bridge of Birds