Photo of Eric Knight, a white man with a light beard and glasses. He is holding a rainbow umbrella and wearing a pink striped bow tie.

Eric Knight

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Hello! I’m a lifelong geek who is likely familiar to many of you from my years on the concom. I have a pretty broad range of geeky interests; genre books, TV, and movies (of course), but also board and card games, sewing and costuming, home brewing, and improv comedy and theater.

My variety of day job experience includes quoting and purchasing, negotiating pricing and contracts, creating budgets and approving associated invoices, planning purchase quantities based on demand history and sales trends, and coordinating logistics and shipping plans for domestic and foreign partners.

Other (non-CVG) nonprofit experience includes being a company founder/member and board of directors secretary for Fearless Comedy Productions.

I’ve been a co-head of Cinema Rex since Convergence started in 1999. My goal has always been to have a film room that reflects the greater vision of the convention: creating a space for geeks to come enjoy sharing their interests with others at this fun party we throw. My duties have included managing the budget and handling the majority of purchasing for the department of snacks and other supplies, working on the film schedule and our content for publications, coordinating with other departments for our needs, and managing volunteers for the week of set up, convention, and tear down, as well as heading up shifts during the films. All of this has been in service of making Cinema Rex a welcoming environment for our members to enjoy the movie experience.

It was suggested that we could include accomplishments in this bio, and I’m especially proud of this recent example. I care deeply about the ongoing success and stability of Convergence. In July, I made an urgent suggestion directly to the board that we bring back some version of the “at con/during con” discount, in an effort to get more early registrations and put more money in the bank, to help combat possible issues of cash flow. It wasn’t feasible to do this during the convention weekend due to tech reasons, but the board instead decided to do a similar initiative the week following Convergence. Approximately 1200 early registrations were purchased that week, so at $75 per that’s around $90K, most of which we wouldn’t have received until later.

I look forward to additional discussion about the key issues and needs of our convention as this election process continues.