Photo of Lina DiGioia. She is wearing a black brimmed hat that says Tim Malloys on it, and a black face mask covering her nose and mouth that says Black Lives Matter on it. Only her eyes are visible. She is looking directly into the camera.

Lina DiGioia

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A short personal biography and/or compelling personal summary:

I’m a disabled, indigenous Autist foster parent and current PCA.

Summary of CVG Experience:

2008-Present. Communications, Hospitality & Systems

Professional Expertise & Education:

  • International Thespian Society
  • UHH Vulcans, Mauna Kea

Other Volunteer Experiences:

Youth LGBTQIA+ & Red Ribbon, BBIMPs outreach, disabilities advocacy


I once leapt from a parking garage stairwell to a nearby pine tree in order to retrieve & place a tracker inside a Geocache. As for CVG, I accomplish nothing without my team, full stop.