CVG-TV LogoCVG-TV is CONvergence’s in-house video production department. We create original content to air both on the CVG-TV channel during the convention, and on our YouTube channel throughout the year. Video can be a fun and informational way to both entertain and inform the membership about everything and anything CONvergence.

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Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) are short promotional videos that air on CVG-TV during CONvergence, on our CVG-TV YouTube Channel, and on social media such as Facebook. They should be short and engage the viewer about one or two specific topics.

Use this form to request a PSA production for your department. The deadline to request a PSA production is March 1 of the convention year.

Some examples from the past:


Hosted by Gregory Parks, CON-Link is CONvergence’s talk show produced by CVG-TV. The program features interviews with Guests of Honor, current and former Convergence Events Board of Directors, and other leaders and change-makers in the CONvergence community.

Amy Mills being interviewed by Gregory Parks on CON-Link Gregory interviews Tim on CON-Link Gregory interviews Kelly on Con-Link

Your Original Content on CVG-TV

If you have created video or film content of your own that you would like aired on CVG-TV during the convention, please see our page on the convention’s website for specs and the application form.