Candidate Bio – Productions Director Position

Amy MillsQuestions:

1. What CONvergence or Convergence Events, Inc. departments have you volunteered in?  Please briefly describe your positions, responsibilities, and projects you worked on while in those positions.
Before being elected to the Convergence Events, Inc. board of directors I volunteered as a badger and in f2e2, and later volunteered as the department head of Decor in the HoME division. If you have never volunteered as a badger, you should at least once. It may seem that sitting looking for badges is a simple thing, but it isn’t always. By badgening I have learned to take the time to prepare my badge for the badger as I go pass. This saves a lot of frustration on the part of the badger and my time as I don’t have to stop and go back. Show your badge, get where you need to be, let the party continue. When I was the head of Decor we designed and created the decorations which were built around the mainstage doors and reflected that years theme. We also started to expand the decor out into the rest of the hotel, which I am happy to see the current Decor team expanding on with great success. By added decor to the hotel at large we make CONvergence an ever changing and exciting experience year after year.

2. Have you volunteered for other conventions or organizations? If so, please list and briefly describe these opportunities.
Several years ago I was asked to volunteer for Minicon and help develop their Costume Reveal event. Over the last few years Minicon Costume Reveal has grown into popular event at Minicon and I have now handed it off to others. I am confident that it will continue to be a popular event for them.

3. What supervisory and/or management experience have you had professionally or in your volunteer work?
I have several years of retail management, along with working as a wardrobe/ dresser at The Children’s Theatre Company and The Guthrie Theatre Lab. While there are some aspects that are similar there are many that are not. My retail management experience helps with interviewing potential staff and training, along with my theatre experience helps with understanding the inner workings of mainstage. Productions, however, is not retail nor is it exactly like a theatre.

4. Are there any other relevant experiences you have had for the board position you are seeking? Please list and describe.
No additional, other than those already mentioned above.

5. Directors are estimated to spend an average of 20 hours a week working on CONvergence. Are you prepared to volunteer that time to the organization? Please elaborate on your answer.
As I am finishing my first term on the board, I do not at this time anticipate any issues or changes in my personal life or schedule that would prevent me from fulfilling my duties as a member of the board.

6. Do you see the work of the Board of Directors as “Sweat Equity” or “Governance” and why?
Being on the Board of Directors or being a manager shouldn’t be an either/or. You instruct when asked, lead as necessary, and do when needed. All of these can be needed when working on different situations, the key is being able to know the difference. I trust my staff to communicate with me when they have question and they can rely on me to help out when needed.

7. Should CONvergence grow, shrink, or remain the same? 
This is not the decision that should be made by an individual on the board of directors. The decision to grow shrink, or remain that same is decided by the membership. It is the job of the board to respond to the requests of the membership and anticipate their needs. How I feel is irelevent to my decisions on the board.

8. How would you address a volunteer in one of your departments that is not meeting expectations?
As stated above a good manager instructs when asked, leads when necessary, and does when needed. If an individual is not meeting expectations you lead as needed while instructing them on their job. Our volunteers want to volunteer for our organization, some may need more instructions than others, but that doesn’t devalue their time and dedication to the organization.

9. How do you envision the role of Convergence Events in the broader fan community?
There are some who view CONvergence as the gold standard, there are some who view Convergence Events as the evil step sister, there are some who view CONvergence as too big, and some who view Convergence Events as a leader in the community. Are they correct? Are they wrong? Convergence Events should continue to develope itself to reflect what the community wishes it to be. As a member of the board I will respond to those wishes. My feelings again are irrelevant to my decisions on the board.

10. In your view, what are the three biggest challenges CONvergence is currently facing? What ideas do you have on addressing these challenges?
Convergence Events, Inc. will always have challenges before it, changes in the community and membership demographic will forever present our organization with challenges. The key to dealing with them is communication. We, the board need to hear about the challenges that the community and membership are having in order to find a resolution, and we, the board need to communicate with the community and membership how and when we will put the resolution in place. Failure to do so will result in small issues growing into big issues which may present ever increasing challenges.

11. What makes you feel that you are well suited for a position on the Board of Directors?
I have always been open to talking to people and will continue to do so. I know the vast majority of things I do not know and have no issues with asking questions and will continue to do so. As a member of the board I will continue to be there for the membership whether I am asked to instruct, lead, or do.

12. What else do you want us to know? (Other relevant background information, hobbies, favorite movies, music, books, games, etc that you would like the membership to know about you.)
If you have any additional questions you may feel free to contact me at [email protected] or come to the meet and greets that we will be having. I will happily answer any questions you may have about me.