Candidate Bio – Facilities Director Position

Nadim KhalidiBio:

I was born in the American University of Beirut Hospital in March of 1964 as my father was going to school for his Bachelor’s degree. My father was invited by one of his professors to skip over the Master’s program and go directly into the Doctoral Program. The catch, of course, was this necessitated a move to the frozen tundra of Canada. This is how I immigrated the first time. My family was in Edmonton, Alberta for three years when my father was offered a teaching position in a different province. My father loaded up the VW bug and drove his pregnant wife and two sons across some of the most boring country known to mankind and we ended up in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

After a few years, and being granted tenureship, my father was took a year-long sabbatical to have us go back to Beirut in 1975 where he had arranged to do research for the year. Just our luck, we landed the day the Lebanese Civil War started and he managed to get the family out of Dodge with gunfire outside the airport. With a new change in plans we landed in Amman, Jordan. We ended up spending the year between Jordan, Israel and Egypt.

Upon return to confines of Winnipeg, my father, over my strenuous objections, made plans to take a two-year leave of absence from the U of Manitoba. In 1978 we landed in the Eden known as Libya. If you have never taken correspondence classes, I would highly recommend saying NO. The upside was that I fell in love with reading, especially history and science fiction/fantasy. This was about the only escape I had from living in a place run by a dictator who ended his political manifesto with the words: “…in the end, only the strong shall rule.”

We returned to Winnipeg in 1980 where I gratefully entered a school system and got to do things like actually talk to people my own age! Fell in love with gaming of all kinds along with my appetite for reading.

When I got to University in 1982, I ended up gaming with some folks who introduced me to the world of Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions; in this case it was KeyCon in its first year of existence. That was an amazing experience that ended with me diving straight in and helping with the convention.


1. What CONvergence or Convergence Events, Inc. departments have you volunteered in?  Please briefly describe your positions, responsibilities, and projects you worked on while in those positions.

Operations 1998 – 2010 Sub Head and Head
Radio Protocols and late night supervision
ConSuite 2011 – Present Change the environment
Work with the City of blooming Health department for
Food licensure

2. Have you volunteered for other conventions or organizations? If so, please list and briefly describe these opportunities.

KeyCon 1982 – 1990 Security/ Party room
Ad Astra 1991 – 1995 Security
Toronto Trek 19992 – 1995 Security
World Fantasy 1993 Party Room
MiniCon 1994 – 1997 operations

3. What supervisory and/or management experience have you had professionally or in your volunteer work?

Petro Canada 1984 – 1989 Assistant Station manager – scheduling/staffing
Royal Jordanian Airlines 1990 – 1996 Supervised contract workers at the airport
Dart Intermodal 1998 – Present Development and maintenance of major accounts

4. Are there any other relevant experiences you have had for the board position you are seeking? Please list and describe.

5. Directors are estimated to spend an average of 20 hours a week working on CONvergence. Are you prepared to volunteer that time to the organization? Please elaborate on your answer.
Yes – If you take on a challenge you are morally and ethically obligated to do the very best that you can do

6. Do you see the work of the Board of Directors as “Sweat Equity” or “Governance” and why?
I see the work of the board of Directors as a mixtures of both. In an all volunteer organization you need to lead by example, while working within the structured framework of CONvergence

7. Should CONvergence grow, shrink, or remain the same? 
I personally would like to see CONvergence grow, but with an eye on maintaining the quality and flavor of CONvergence

8. How would you address a volunteer in one of your departments that is not meeting expectations?
By talking to them about what I can do to help them grow, and what they feel and understand of what they are volunteering to do.

9. How do you envision the role of Convergence Events in the broader fan community?
Leadership by example – not being afraid to take on those difficult challenges and doing the best you can to provide positives.

10. In your view, what are the three biggest challenges CONvergence is currently facing? What ideas do you have on addressing these challenges?
Space allocation

Methodology and practice needs to be examined to find if there are ways areas to improve by examining the methodology and perhaps bringing outside resources to examine our framework

11. What makes you feel that you are well suited for a position on the Board of Directors?
The ability to make decisions and employ common sense.
Being able to work with others and work in a group dynamic
The ability to work under pressure

12. What else do you want us to know? (Other relevant background information, hobbies, favorite movies, music, books, games, etc that you would like the membership to know about you.)